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Highland Pharms 6000mg CBD Oil Drops

$450.00 $329.00


Highland Pharms 6000mg CBD Oil Drops

$450.00 $329.00

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Highland Pharms ULTRA+ Hemp Drops – 6000mg CBD


Each drop of this formula has approx 3mg of CBD and there are approx 2000 drops in the bottle.

ULTRA+ Hemp Drops is definitely one of our Best Buys.  The cost per milligram of CBD is just under 5.8 cents.  You will be hard pressed to find any CBD Oil Drops being sold at this price per milligram.  And, if you do, chances are the quality is NOT the same.

Why “PLUS” in the name?  Because as with all Highland Pharms products, its not just about the CBD.  Its about the full spectrum of cannabinoids.  Its about the terpenes, the phytonutrients and everything that Mother Nature put in there.  In Summary:  its about the CBD-Plus……

This is essentially the same product as our other bottles of CBD Drops.  This is just more concentrated and a larger bottle.  Each drop in this bottle will have approx 3mg of CBD per drop -AND- this bottle will have 100ml  of content (approx 2000 drops) while our other bottles only have 25ml of content (approx 500 drops).  So, this is 4 times the number of drops.  (NOTE: the bottle is intentionally not full.  We only put in 100ml of liquid so mathematically its easy to figure out how many milligrams of CBD per drop)

Our highest concentration of CBD Hemp Oil Drops.  This formula packs 6000mg of CBD into a 4 ounce bottle.  10 drops equals approx 30mg of CBD (each drop has approx 3mg of CBD).  Knowing this, you can adjust the actual amount you take so that you get the number of milligrams of CBD you need for your situation.


Read below about the high quality Full Spectrum Cannabinoids we infuse into our products.  But, there’s even more exciting info to point out:  We are proud to announce that our hemp oil drops get their CBD from extract of hemp grown by a Boutique Hemp Farm who grows only Ultra High Grade Hemp Plants.  Most other brands use Industrial Grade Hemp grown “somewhere” overseas.  Our line of products is truly The Best of The Best!

Our CBD Hemp Oil extract is in MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil) extracted from coconut for a better, smoother All Natural Mint flavor!

Ingredients (100ml):  MCT Oil from Coconut, Hemp Extract (containing CBD and cannabinoids), Natural Flavoring (not included in Natural Flavor Formula).

All Highland Pharms CBD products are infused with CBD Hemp Extract that isn’t “just CBD”.  Our extract is a Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids extract.  This means, in addition to cannabidiol, or CBD, it includes CBDA, CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA and only trace amounts of any THC, so you will NOT feel any ‘high’ or grogginess.

With Highland Pharms, you get All the CBD Goodness – Without the THC High

All of the CBD Extract used in the Highland Pharms CBD products is extracted using the gentlest extraction method: SuperCritical CO2 Extraction.  This method prevents the damaging heat that  destroys the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD).  It costs more to do it this way, but it delivers an Ultra Rich and Pure CBD Extract for our products.  Our company and your body is worth it.

There are plenty of articles and scientific studies that have been done and are being done currently to support the benefits of CBD for many different ailments. Highland Pharms products all meet FDA guidelines and carry numerous benefits spaning a number of different needs.

ULTRA+ is a very intense and Ultra Rich formula.  It is generally taken by putting a few drops onto a spoon and putting that into the mouth.  After 60-90 seconds under the tongue, the drops are then swallowed.  However, you can take these by putting them into juices or smoothies or however you wish to take it.  The natural flavor is rather “hempy”, which is why we’ve lightly flavored it with a natural mint flavoring.  The “hempiness” is due to all the natural elements of the hemp plant still present in the extract.  This is what makes it so well rounded.

NOTE:  REFUND POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS PRODUCT.  This product is not considered a “starter product” and it is assumed that the customer is well aware of hemp CBD products and their effects before purchasing this item.

Highland Pharms ULTRA+ Hemp Drops – 6000mg CBD


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