Delta 8 Moon Rocks



What Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

Delta 8 Moon Rocks are made by combining hemp flower, distillate, kief and Delta 8 THC concentrate all together to produce a “ball” of the ingredients.  It comes out looking like a moon rock with different shapes and sizes, but similar in the round shape it produces.

Delta 8 Moonrocks are the strongest and most potent form of Delta 8 THC on the market today.  They boast an impressive CBD ratio of over 43% and a Delta 8 percentage of more than 25%.

Benefits of Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Moonrocks are designed by taking flower and dipping it in distillate, then rolling it in kief.  We complete this process 3 times for each moonrock batch resulting in the highest concentration of Delta 8 and CBD!

Delta-8 THC is a minor cannabinoid within the cannabis plant.  It is normally found in small concentrations, but with today’s extraction technology – we are able to isolate the Delta-8 THC and then infuse it into our Delta-8 Flower and Moonrocks alike.

Delta 8 THC gives you as a consumer a better sense of stability and overall well-being.  To describe it simply, it’s a very relaxing and mellowing effect that will leave you feeling happy and content.  Unlike Delta-9 THC, the psychoactive effects are less and don’t cause the inward anxiety that most weed smokers report when using THC.

Why Should You Smoke Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

Delta 8 Moonrocks are the most relaxing and mind-focusing substance on the CBD market.  It’s all about the absorption rate and speed of release.  Smoking Delta 8 Moonrocks allows the CBD and D8 THC to enter your bloodstream immediately and the effects are typically felt within 5-10 minutes after your smoking session.

To compare that to the most common forms of CBD and Delta 8 – an tincture dropper that places oil under your tongue can take up to 30-45 minutes to enter your bloodstream and start working.  An edible can take up to 1 1/2 hours before you start to feel anything.

Smoking moonrocks gives you around a 40-60% absorption rate as compared to 20% from an edible or oil tincture.

Tips On How To Smoke Delta 8 Moon Rocks

delta 8 moon rocks marijuana

  • Break the moon rocks into quarters, so that the inside of them are exposed.
  • Pack the moon rock into a bowl or long water pipe (bong).  Loosely, for best results.
  • Delta 8 Moon Rocks are coated in distillate and hemp kief, therefore they can become sticky.  So, be sure to smoke the entirety of the bowl in one sitting and clear out your piece after use.
  • Many consumers like to “layer” the bowl with hemp flower to help ignite the active compounds within the moon rocks.

WellmartCBD Takes Creation of Moonrocks Seriously!

Wellmart focuses on only the highest quality genetics and cannabis products in the industry.  Hand-picked flower and lab-tested Delta-8 distillate and kief combine to make our most powerful cannabis product yet!  As our team continues to strive for greatness and the highest quality Delta 8 available, you as a consumer have our promise to only receive lab-tested, premium quality Delta 8 Moonrocks.

Lab-Tested and Certified Delta 8 Moon Rocks

All Laboratory COA’s are available by scanning the QR code on your order, or visiting the Test Results section of our website.

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