CBD Hemp Cigarettes


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CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Our CBD Hemp Cigarettes are made with high-quality hand picked CBD Flower.  Many companies use only CBD trim shavings and bottom of the barrel CBD shake.  Meaning, they use leftover product to stuff into their cigarettes so it doesn’t go to waste. This creates a hot and harsh burning cigarette. Wellmart CBD Hemp Cigarettes are made with the buds of the flower so you’re getting a premium smoking experience everytime!

Are CBD Cigarettes Legal?

Yes, CBD Cigarettes are 100% legal throughout the United States.  They contain under the legal limit of 0.30% THC ratios, but we also offer a completely organic CBD Cigarette free of any THC content.

What is the difference between CBD Cigarettes and pre-rolled joints?

CBD Cigarettes contain finely ground up flower, and are packed with a machine to obtain the best pack and most CBD in each and every cigarette.  Pre-rolled joints are rolled by hand and use CBD Flower which is ground up using hand grinders.  Cigarettes have a filter, and are more consistent cigarette to cigarette. They appear more similar to a regular tobacco cigarette.  Pre-rolls have no filter and look exactly like a marijuana joint.


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