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Moonrocks! What Are They & Why?

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Moonrocks! Have you heard this term floating around lately? If so, consider yourself a person in the know. My guess is you’re a person who follows the Cannabis world pretty closely, but have you heard of CBD moon rocks? If not, we don’t blame you, the idea is realitively new to the Cannabis world. Thus, I’ll do my best to explain moonrocks, how they’re made, and what makes the CBD moonrock so special. 

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What the heck are moonrocks?

Let’s see if I can make this complex process simple. Moonrocks, or caviar as they’re also referred to, are a premium mixture of cannabis flower, concentrate, and kief shake all rolled into one. The process takes smoking to a whole new level, and has become a favorite to many connoisseurs. First, the process starts by selecting a high quality flower or bud for the base of the moonrock. Second, we coat the flower in hash oil to create the sticky binding to adhered the final component to the flower. Lastly, the now sticky flower rolls in fine kief shake; adhering the shake to the bud. Vioala, you now have yourself a top shelf moonrock!

How did they get their start?

We all know Marijuana is a staple in the hip-hop community, and so is innovation. So, it’s with this in mind, we should expect the phenomenal product to share it’s origins with rap and hip-hop. 

In 2014, rapper Krupt (former Executive VP of Death Row Records and member of Tha Dogg Pound) and musician Dr. Zodiak launched moonrocks. Along with it, they released “Moon Rocks Project,” a mixtape featuring a number of famous rap artists. Just like that, moonrocks were born and are now a staple in the Cannabis community. 

Marijuana Moonrocks.

 Marijuana Moonrocks are a sweet, sweet creation with a powerful punch. Trifling with them can be dangerous if you’re not an experienced smoker. This is due to their high quality and extreme THC content. In comparison to top shelf flower from a dispensary, moonrocks out are of this world. Most top shelf buds range from 18% – 25% THC content, whereas marijuana moonrocks typically clock in greater than 50% THC. These things will literally send you to the moon if you’re not careful. 

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Because of their extremely high quality, you may also hear moonrocks referred to as Cannabis Caviar or Marijuana Caviar. Although, some argue caviar are just buds sprayed in THC concentrate and not rolled in kief. 

CBD Moonrocks.

Unlike marijuana moonrocks, CBD moon rocks do not contain a significant amount of THC. Since they do not contain the psychoactive component of marijuana, CBD moonrocks provide you with a large amount of cannabinoids without the high effect. This is why people who are wanting or needing to consume high levels of CBD to manage their medical needs prefer CBD moonrocks. Some CBD moonrocks can contain as high as 50% CBD, while most tinctures contain anywhere from about 5% – 20% CBD, Since moonrocks can double the amount of CBD intake, they are much more efficient for quick relief. This is due to the pure CBD oil coating on the raw flower to supercharge your medicine.

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The benefits.

Since moon rocks are meant for ingesting thru smoking them, the effects of the CBD are felt much quicker and more intensely. This allows the user to alleviate severe pain, anxiety, panic attacks, inflammation and any other CBD treatable ailment much quicker than tinctures, capsules and edibles can. However, CBD flower is close behind when it comes to the quick performance. Due to their high potency, CBD moonrocks are the preferred choice for individuals who have built up a tolerance to traditional CBD intake methods. Of course, if smoking is an issue to the individual’s health, they will most likely need to stick to more conventional methods of ingesting CBD i.e. tinctures, capsules, and edibles. 


Marijuana moonrocks and CBD moonrocks are typically found in your local dispensary. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a state with legalized marijuana, you may be out of luck. However, there is one provider able to offer CBD moon rocks to be shipped nationwide as our THC content is below the legal limit of 0.30% THC. We achieve this by making the moonrocks with CBD hemp flower and concentrate, rather than marijuana flower. Although we do have CBD for sale in tinctures, capsules, flower and distillate, our CBD moonrocks seem to be the most popular.

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Let’s roll this thing up…

Smoking CBD is becoming more popular each day. CBD has been viewed as more of the medical side of Cannabis, and has favors more medicinal product lines. The typical products you’ll find are tincture oils, capsules, gummies, and vape oils. More rarely you’ll run into CBD hemp flower, and even more rare are CBD moon rocks!

Although CBD moonrocks aren’t the ones being rapped about and referenced in main stream media, they are still serve a great purpose. With more CBD content in a faster delivery system to the body, they are beginning to pick up steam. We imagine there will be multiple businesses catching on to the popularity of the moonrock, and introducing their own CBD line. For now, it’s just Wellmart CBD venturing into the space of shipping moonrocks nationwide. 

So, if you’re felling like your boring ol’ CBD oil tincture just isn’t cutting it, try venturing into something new and ordering some CBD moonrocks! Believe me, they are worth every penny.

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