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Indoor Hemp Flower

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Indoor Hemp Flower

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Indoor hemp flower is quickly replacing outdoor grown hemp by the masses.  Not only is it of higher quality – but it also has better taste, smell, and effects.

Growing hemp flower indoors in a lab-like setting results in the grower controlling every aspect of the environment from start to finish.  Growing hemp outdoors leaves the plant’s susceptible to the natural elements of mother nature.  When it freezes outside, the plants are affected in a negative manner and decreases the natural terpenes internally in the cannabis plant.

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The Growing Process

Our indoor grow process begins with planting either a clone plant from a certain CBD or CBG genetic or planting genetic-driven seeds directly into soil.

Our grow team replicates the environment to reflect mid-spring climate giving our cannabis plants the ability to prosper and grow in the best possible scenario with ideal humidity, light, and nutrients.  Next, as the plants mature, the environment is increased to copy the natural elements of summer including water, more sunlight, and further nutrient based grow food. Finally, as we transfer our indoor facility to replicate the fall season – the plants are in natural budding form and look beautiful!

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How To Cure Indoor Hemp Flower

To being this process we cut 12-16″ branches off the plant, trim out any unwanted leaves. The full plants are hung in a humidity controlled container for a good 3-4 weeks.  You can cure hemp for 2-3 weeks, but for the best results 4-8 weeks will improve it’s smell and taste.

Proper cannabis curing not only increases the potency of CBD or CBG within the finalized product, but it gives the end-consumer a much better smoking quality and experience with our hemp flower. We keep our hemp and cannabis plants on a drying rack in the containers, making sure no sunlight is let in during this process.

The hemp must be kept at a temperature of 60-70 Degrees Farenheit, with humididty between 45-55% and a small fan to gently circulate the air.  This process is crucial to preserving the aroma and flavor of your finished buds.

Once the buds are fairly dry, we separate and gently trim them off the main plant branches.  Then we remove excess leaves and stemmage from the buds.  Finally, they are placed in large-mouthed containers and sealed to keep in the freshness of the indoor hemp flower.


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The Final Indoor Hemp Product

The final indoor hemp product is more beautiful and breath-taking than most things in life!  Okay, that’s a joke – but if you’re a hemp fanatic then it definitely ranks up there in sights to see.

The aroma, flavor, and smokable characteristics of the product reach far beyond what any outdoor grow or regular hemp farm can offer you.  All of our strains at Wellmart have now migrated to only indoor grows.  Exclusively offering 13 different strains of indoor grown hemp flower gives us the ability to provide our retail and wholesale customers the highest quality top-shelf hemp flower.