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CBG Flower

Chief Executive Officer, Wellmart CBD

Cannabigerol, better known as CBG, is taking the industry by storm.
Regulations in 2020 are based around Total THC compounds in each crop, therefore CBG flower meets the compliant mark, whereas many CBD crops do not.

What is Cannabigerol (CBG)?

The originating cannabinoid in the cannabis plant is CBG (cannabigerol). Without CBG, there would be no CBD, CBN, CBA, etc. in the cannabis plant.

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Our CBG Flower Strains

Oregon White

Grown directly in the heart of cannabis country in the state of Oregon, this is our highest quality CBG flower.

White Whale

The most widely known and popular strain of CBG is White Whale.  It looks amazing, and tastes even better!

Yukon Gold

Our newest member of the CBG flower family.  Yukon Gold holds the latest genetic profile in Cannabigerol centric strains.

Best CBG Flower

Wellmart CBD is the industry leader in CBG Flower and Cannabigerol pricing. Our strains of CBG are of the highest quality, with the COA's to prove it!

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