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CBD Flower in 2020

CBD Flower 2020

At this point you’re more than aware that CBD Flower saw a huge breakout in the marketplace throughout 2019 and into the new year.  Smokable CBD products in general experienced a huge up-swing and are now the staple product for numerous store fronts and wholesalers.  As a consumer, your options are endless with over 700 websites offering quality hemp and CBD Flower for you to choose from.  As a business, your options are limited when it comes to buying bulk flower and supplying your customers – not to mention who to trust when it comes to the “high-quality” conversation.  Our guide to CBD Flower 2020 will open up your knowledge flood gates and assist in securing high-quality, government-compliant flower for your business and consumer needs!

CBD Flower can be found on multiple CBD websites, and other market-centric websites that allow farmers and growers to post their product and prices for you to view and purchase.  If you are a simple consumer, we would recommend trying a few different strains of flower, choosing one that fits your needs the best.  Whether it’s taste, looks, smell, or effects – the options are wide-open for you to try and buy!  Here are the top 3 sites we recommend for CBD Flower purchases based on our industry research and personal testing :

  1. – The highest rated flower from Colorado.
  2. – Lowest Prices on the internet
  3. – Wide variety of high-end strains
  4. – Top Shelf CBD Flower

These three sites have provided CBD products and specifically flower over the last two years as the hemp flower industry has grown.  They’ve maintained great reviews and earned our personal recommendation as the top 3 places to buy CBD Flower in the current online marketplace.

These 3 sites are also great for wholesalers to visit and check out.  Typically, we recommend actually calling the company themselves and speaking with someone about a wholesale account.  This gives you the opportunity to deal with a real live person, naturally resulting in a better relationship and lower prices as you buy larger and larger amounts to stock your store or supply chain.

Market Prices for CBD Flower 2020

The price of CBD Flower fluctuates and revolves around the harvest season.  When plants are being harvested, you will find the price of flower to be much lower because every farmer and grower has a fresh harvest and are ready to start moving their product out the door.  In the off-season (October-March) you will find the market to be much more guarded around price and ultimately higher because stock is low.

That being said, the next piece of the puzzle is all about strains of CBD Flower.  With over 35+ known strains available in the USA, at times it is difficult to choose one to your liking.  Here are the most common and in our opinion – the “best” strains of CBD Flower out there today :

  • Cherrywine
  • True OG
  • Sour Space Candy
  • N9
  • Elektra
  • Bubba Kush
  • Lifter

The above strains carry the highest cannabinoid % on a dry weight basis.  And are normally the easiest to access.  Always be sure to check out the laboratory testing results before purchasing any CBD products from a supplier.  It is widely known that Delta-9 THC levels in your CBD product must be below 0.30% to be considered compliant with the current regulations.  These test results are often referred to as a “COA” which stands for Certificate of Analysis.

All of the above information is used when determining what a fair price for CBD Flower is in 2020.  Most retailers and online e-commerce stores will base the price around the CBD % in the flower.  Therefore, you need to look at the COA before purchasing to protect your pocketbook and not get taken for a ride by a fly-by-night company.

For retail consumers, you’ll want to follow this guide to make sure you’re buying at the right price :

  • 0-5% CBD Flower – DO NOT BUY!
  • 6-10% CBD – $7/gram
  • 11-14% CBD – $9/gram
  • 15-18% CBD – $10/gram
  • 19-20% CBD – $12/gram
  • 21%+ CBD – $14/gram

For wholesalers and buyers, you’ll want to purchase your flower by the bulk pound.  This gives you a better overall price per gram, as well as the opportunity to protect your profit margins in your store or supply chain.  Here are the current market prices based around CBD % :

  • 0-7% – DO NOT BUY
  • 8-10% CBD – $130/pound
  • 11-15% CBD – $200/pound
  • 16-20% CBD – $300/pound
  • 21%+ CBD – $400/pound

If you find a supplier or farm attempting to sell you bulk pounds above $400, simply choose not to do business with them.  They more than likely are just brokering the transactions and adding their profit into the price – it’s always best practice to do business with  a direct supplier, grower, or farmer.

There are new regulations coming in 2020 for all CBD and hemp products across the United States.  Currently, the majority of states recognize only Delta-9 THC levels for compliancy and the benchmark for whether their flower is “hot” or not.  The new laws will have Delta-9 THC and THCA added together and then multipled by 0.77% on a dry weight basis.  What this means is that all THC properties in the plant will now be tested and used as the regulatory mark for all hemp products, rather than just the Delta-9 THC reading. 

For consumers, nothing will change – as it is the responsibility of the retailer to make sure they are providing compliant flower for your consumption.  On a wholesale B2B level, it’s a little more tricky.  You must make sure the COA and batch analysis tie back directly to the plant you are attempting to purchase.  It is your responsibility to ensure your customers do not receive “hot” product, and your products have been adequately tested for said THC levels. 

There are rumors that flower and hemp harvested prior to 2020 will be grandfathered into the industry and allowed to sell actively until the stock is depleted – but that is still up for determination.  Make sure to consult with a lawyer or legal team to determine what the regulations and laws are for your state individually.

Is CBD Flower better than Oil?

We are asked this question everyday.  There is no real answer to this, because every person’s endocannabinoid system is different than the next.  Your body may react differently to smoking CBD Flower, than it would by ingesting CBD Tincture Oil.  However, your neighbor may see a greater benefit from smoking it.  Our receommendation is to try a variety of products, and really pay attention to your body and how it reacts.  Go with what you feel best about, that’s as simple as it gets!

How To Consume CBD Flower

The natural way to consume CBD Flower is to smoke it by either rolling it in a smokable paper (Zig Zag, J&B, etc) or by smoking it out of a regular hash or water pipe.  Many folks love the smooth feel and taste of hemp flower, and continue to use it daily – while others prefer to ingest oils and add CBD concentrates to daily consumable items.  It really depends on what you like and feel comfortable with, but we receommend smoking the flower to get the best results and “feel” for the product.

The 2020 Guide to CBD Flower

In conclusion, don’t get overwhelmed with all the options out there today.  Choose a couple strains and go with it!  If you are looking to wholesale and re-sell CBD Flower in 2020 then we would suggest discussing your options with a member of our team to understand the market and ensure you’re making smart decisions for your business and customers!