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CBD Affiliate Programs

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CBD Affiliate Programs

My guess is by now, you’ve heard about a ton of people making even more money by joining a CBD Affiliate Program for one company or another.  Just simply by browsing the internet, you will find many companies offering a commission for pushing their CBD Oil or other CBD products to the masses. If you are going to be successful, you must choose a reputable company that has a brand name already built in the industry.  Secondly, said company must provide a state-of-the-art tracking system, you need to be paid accurately after all – right?

CBD affiliate program

How does a CBD Affiliate Program work?

CBD Affiliate Programs are very easy to become a part of, but not so easy to manage and track.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up on the company’s website on their “affiliate page”.
  2. Receive a custom URL link dedicated to only yourself.
  3. Share this link on any channel you currently have access to.  It can be a website, your social media platforms, an email list, YouTube channel, etc.
  4. When a customer clicks your link and goes to the CBD company’s website, their site will track that user by using “cookies”.
  5. Customer makes a purchase on their site and it is related to your custom link’s cookie, you get credit for the sale.
  6. The CBD company will then give you a percentage of that sale and pay you directly on either PayPal, Direct Deposit, Venmo, or some other form that is agreed upon.  EASY MONEY for just sharing a link!


How much does a CBD affiliate program pay?

Many CBD companies in the industry will offer anywhere from 10-25% of the sale profit.  They generate more sales from you sharing their company’s name and products, and you generate income for yourself by pushing their items as well.  It’s a win-win situation.

Wellmart CBD has the highest commission in the industry currently at 26%, and has a handsome bonus package for top affiliates.

You need to beware of companies that have a “hold” on transaction payouts.  And also be aware of how long they say your “cookie” will last for paying customers.

Affiliate Cookies

 Affiliate cookie length is something often overlooked by many.  However, is the most important factor in building a residual income you can count on. 

Most companies offer a 15 day cookie, meaning if someone purchases from your link the first time, that counts as Day 1.  If they come back and purchase again within that 15 day period, you will get credit for those sales as well.

But once Day 16 arrives, you are no longer getting credit for that same customer’s purchases unless they re-access the site through your affiliate link once again.  By that time, most people are going back to the site by just typing in the web address, which does not give you credit unless tracked through your designated cookie.

Once again, Wellmart CBD takes the cake on this issue by providing lifetime cookies for all of their affiliates!  The only company in the industry to go this route, and they have received raving reviews because of it.

Brand Recognition

Quick question – if you created a running shoe and made a website for it, but nobody knows about it – how easy do you think it would be to sell your pair of shoes?

Spoiler alert – it would be a nightmare, and take years upon years to build a brand that would compete with Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc.

Now think of this from a CBD affiliate standpoint.  Would you rather push a product that people know and see often, or some unknown CBD Oil from a smelly guy’s garage?  I think you know the answer to that question.

As you can see below, Wellmart CBD ranks #1 in Google for many keyword searches and has been at the top of the industry for awhile now.  When you represent the name and product of a well-known CBD company, the easier and faster sales will start flowing into your affiliate account.

proof of high ranking cbd affiliate company

Personal Experience

When you join the Wellmart CBD Affiliate Programs, you talk directly to the Founder/CEO of the company.  He walks you through how to be successful with their product, where to sell it, how to post your link, and much more.  Other companies just give you a link and good luck pat on the back.

Not here.  We are committed to our affiliates and driving their success.  We look at you as an extension of our company and family, and treat you as such.  You have an affiliate manager that is available 24/7/265 for any questions and help that may be needed.

Website Affiliate Sales

Many affiliates across the nation show some of their best success by building a simple website and having the product link posted within.  Nowadays, building a high quality website is easy with drag and drop designer tools like, Weebly, and many others.

The tricky part is getting traffic to your site to actually see your links and click them.  No need to hire a web design company, or anything like that – as Wellmart CBD has an in-house web team that will build an affiliate site for you and help you gain traffic to that site as well.  FOR FREE!!

If you want to really rank it high in Google and other search engines, there are SEO packages available to turn up the heat – but the free service does the trick and will definitely land you some coins in the piggy bank.

Afterall, Wellmart ranks #1 in Google – and NEVER used an SEO company or any marketing agencies along the way.  Self-made from the ground up.  And now it’s your turn.

CBD hemp flower moonrocks blog
Social Media Affiliates

 Many CBD Affiliate Programs tell you to just post on social media and that’s it.

How will your followers and friends respond to you becoming part of a premier CBD brand once they see your posts?

Everyone is curious about CBD, what it does, how it works, is it real, so on and so forth.  There is no longer a stigma associated with CBD like it was 2 years ago, and with our training & knowledge base available to you online, you will soon become the go-to person for CBD questions and purchases. 

The more people that come to you, the more sales you drive to your affiliate account, and the more freedom you have from waiting on your next paycheck or going to that same old job everyday.  Just ask some of our current affiliates!

Our in-house social media team is ready to assist in building your online following and helping you gain traction to all of your posts in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, you name it.  Our team has over 20+ years experience with digital marketing channels and can prove it to you.

If you really think about it – the harder we work to make you successful, the more we are able to help the community by using hemp products that have outstanding medical benefits.  Not to mention, you’ll be making mulah off of all of this!

YouTube CBD Affiliates

YouTube is the fastest growing channel in the entire world as of July 2019.  They are taking over cable television rapidly by the day, and now is the time to take advantage of it.

By creating a YouTube channel and working with our once again in-house Social Team – you will have people watching and commenting on your videos within 30 days. 

CBD is the fastest growing industry, and YouTube is growing just as quickly.  Mixing the two together is the perfect match for CBD Affiliate success.

Let's Wrap It Up, Huh?

Choosing a CBD Affiliate Program seems like a dime a dozen, but choose the right one and you’ll never have to worry about your future ever again.  That’s a bold statement, but we back it the hell up!

You can visit our sign up page by clicking here : CBD Affiliate Program

Give us the chance to show you what being an affiliate for a premier company really is, and we promise you’ll never turn back.  We GUARANTEE it!

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